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Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open. – Natalie Goldberg


When Dr. Francine Carty imagined becoming a tenured professor at one of Philadelphia’s most revered institutions of higher learning, she never considered just how winding the road to fulfilling her dream would be. The financial and psychological hardships she encounters as an adjunct professor seem to diminish her dreams into fantasies.

Complicating matters is her intermittent relationship with a handsome but annoying colleague. Taking advantage of a moment of clarity, Francine lands the opportunity of lifetime—a research fellowship to Ghana sponsored by a secret global network of highly successful women. But calamity awaits as Francine learns just how low she can fall when an unfortunate decision goes viral on social media and devastates her reputation at home and abroad.

Humbly, Francine faces her truth and does the work to overcome the pain of shame and rejection with the help of an incredibly intriguing stranger. Despite a second chance, Francine is unsure if she can climb out of the muck of her own making when she returns stateside to face expectant family, friends and colleagues.

Will she have to give up the life she envisioned?
Which of her relationships will survive the fall out?

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“…Inspiration—simple, beautiful, always on time—is the magic that Tracey brings to each and every one of her words. Her [book is] part sermon, part heart-to-heart conversations between friends—the kind of real talk that’s relatable and affirming and full of teachable moments…People pay good money to lie on a therapists’ couch for this kind of practical insight.” – Denene Millner

Becoming a mother can be a life-altering experience. And not just in the ways commonly discussed in parenting magazines and on talk shows either. In particular, a woman of faith can be challenged by the significant shift in her emotional and spiritual life as she navigates what it means to be a nurturing, guiding force for her child.

Our children are often walking and talking mirrors, reflecting the good, bad, and yes, the ugly in our own characters. As this book will show, paying close attention to the seemingly mundane, everyday scenarios with them can be quite revealing. Be prepared to think, laugh, and cry as you read this dynamic compilation of essays and stories that explore what it means to live and love in the space where faith and motherhood intersect.

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Power to the people
Certain that she doesn’t want to live a life that lacks significance, Vivian Grace sets about working to empower the people in her community. She believes she’s found her true calling working as a member of the Black Panther Party in Chicago. What Vivian doesn’t count on finding is love.

All that glitters…
But Vivian’s love affair with the charismatic Black Panther Party leader, Reggie, takes a turn for the worse when his abusive side surfaces. To protect herself and her unborn child, Vivian has to commit a cardinal sin in order to escape the relationship with her life.  She finds refuge in the most unlikely place and begins her long journey toward healing. If Vivian can receive God’s forgiveness and extend the same to those who have hurt her, waiting for her is a love she never imagined before.

In the final installment of the “Gospel of Grace Women” trilogy, Tracey Michae’l Lewis reveals the genesis of the generational curses that have plagued the Grace women: Sasha Renee, Crystal Justine and of course, Vivian Grace. This story shows how the struggle to choose courage over fear and forgiveness over bitterness is a real but necessary fight.

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The Unlikely Remnant

So well written, The Unlikely Remnant is a book that makes you think. Enjoy the roller coaster because it is good to the last line! – Victoria Christopher Murray, Bestselling Author of The Deal, The Dance, and The Devil.

The Unlikely Remnant is a dynamic story about four very different people, all alleged Christians, who find themselves locked inside a North Philadelphia church AFTER the Rapture. FAYE sits on the mother board of a prominent AME church. She has spent 40 years of her life working for the Lord. CHAD is a super-conservative radio talk show host and political pundit. He enjoys riling up the masses about issues related to race, gender, and class. JEREMIAH is a popular televangelist. The charismatic pastor of a popular mega-church, he is celebrated for his knowledge of scripture. ROSA is a single mom. An English teacher in the Catholic school she grew up in, she is a survivor of domestic abuse. More than left behind, the characters in The Unlikely Remnant are left to deal with the personal truths and tragic secrets that led to them literally missing God all while wrestling with the prejudices that inevitably surface in their relationships with each other. The book posits the impossible question of Are you really ready? in a way that is both thought-provoking and powerful. Believers and unbelievers alike will find themselves enthralled by the characters and their quest for understanding and restoration in the midst of great turmoil.

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Set in Chicago, The Gospel According to Sasha Renee is the first of four “gospels” chronicling three generations of women in an African American family and reveals the compelling story of a young woman wrestling with her views of herself, love, and spirituality. The feisty and stubborn Sasha Billingsly overcomes seemingly insurmountable circumstances with the help of her soul-mate, Langston Germaine, and the unseen forces of the spirit realm. While many Christian fiction offerings focus on characters that are already Christians, Lewis takes the reader on SashaÂ’s amazing journey to salvation and beyond.

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Interruption: The Gospel According to Crystal Justine by is the long awaited sequel to 2004 s The Gospel According to Sasha Renee. It is the second book in the Gospel trilogy. Each book examines the deeply rooted issues that have plagued three generations of women in one family.

The story is a fascinating journey through the life of Crystal Justine (CJ), a young woman who has, for most of her life, been compared to her mother, Sasha Renee, in both the best and the worst ways. Even as she struggles to escape the image and legacy of this enigma of a woman, she finds herself unconsciously acting out her mother’s (and grandmother’s) past mistakes. Her relationships with men, although few and far between, has been tainted by the thing she cannot say; and her faith has been weakened by the emotional and spiritual blows her life has taken. This dynamic story of deliverance keeps readers, page by page, on the edge of their proverbial seats, wondering if CJ will simply succumb to the darkness that has chased her soul for as long as she could remember or if she will be the one to finally put an end to the generational curse that has tried to consume her family. Will she find true love, joy, and peace for the first time?

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Tracey Lewis-Giggetts has done a marvelous job of opening the conversation on the crucial issue of what it means to love our neighbors.  This is not a peripheral issue but one that gets to the heart of the gospel and our identity as Holiness people.  I appreciated how she was not naïve in her critique or in her suggestions.  Her observations are from her own experience.  The book challenged me to be more courageous in the ongoing journey of what it means to contextualize the gospel to all people. —Dr. Dana Robert Hicks, Professor of Missional Leadership, Northwest Nazarene University

Published by Beacon Hill Press, The Integrated Church challenges the discussion of the church’s relevance in the culture by helping church leaders understand that while it is the responsibility of the church to denounce sin, it also the responsibility of the church to be relevant enough in society in order to achieve the Great Commission. Because it has been said that the “how” of ministry is in some ways determined by the “who, when, and where” of culture, this book assists church leaders in understanding the variety of people they are called serve.

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