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Death by Social Media

I love social media. Between FB, Twitter, and Instagram, I am regularly posting, reading, and sharing with friends and followers alike. As a writer, educator, and indie publisher, social media has proven to be a great way to crowd-source ideas, promote work, and build relationships and communities with readers and other writers. As a person… Continue reading Death by Social Media

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The Problem with Certainty

When one decides to become a believer, a follower of Jesus, they are essentially releasing a degree of certainty in favor of faith (believing what one cannot see). This is actually true across most religions and faith traditions. Ironically, what I notice happening within Christianity—the American strain, in particular–is people don’t actually do this. They… Continue reading The Problem with Certainty

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Guest Post: It All Falls Down by Cycely Parker

It All Falls Down A Therapeutic Piece by Cycely Parker For the kindness of strangers For the progress of those oppressed For the hope of those who “Have A Dream” For the country who cried “Bring me your poor, your hungry, your tired” It’s… For your mentally ill For your basic liberties stolen For your… Continue reading Guest Post: It All Falls Down by Cycely Parker

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Blood Memory: When Story Finds its Way Back

I firmly believe that the ability to tell our stories is the beginning of managing our narratives. For me, I come from a long line of people who understand this at the soul level. Black and Indigenous people (and the myriad of smaller cultures that comprise these groups) have always had strong oral traditions. In… Continue reading Blood Memory: When Story Finds its Way Back